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About B4 Realty

B 4 Realty is a family owned and operated business. Most clients are finding out doing business with big companies is like being left alone in the cold. B 4 Realty provides personal service to you the client and does not treat you like a number.

Bert Bertrand


Bert Bertrand has lived in the Dallas area since 1957 and has been involved in both commercial and residential real estate for 35 years.

With interest rates low, the present is a great time to purchase a home.

John Bertrand


I have been an active real estate professional for nearly 10 years and am passionate about assisting our clients with their real estate needs. As a Realtor, I understand the buying process is a huge investment for my clients and am able to assist them with their property search, home mortgage needs, negotiations and the entire contract-to-close process. It is a tremendous honor to work with people and help them find the home of their dreams!

Cory Bertrand


Cory Bertrand With 20+ years of experience in customer service, I believe that the first step in helping either a buyer or a seller is to understand their wants, needs and goals. My approach is high energy, professional and proactive. As a current resident of the N. Dallas area, I have an intimate knowledge of the area neighborhoods and can easily identify those neighborhoods as an ideal fit for my buyer(s). My goal is to focus on helping a seller or buyer efficiently and effectively sell or purchase a home. I strive to continually remain educated on the direction of the housing market and current inventory as it frequently changes.

Greg Bertrand


Greg Bertrand is a licensed Real Estate Broker and owner/partner in his family owned business, B 4 Realty. Greg brings honesty and professionalism to every client’s unique situation, whether it’s the sale or purchase of their home.

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